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Heartbeat is intended to be a magazine for both the parish church and the whole community of Upton reflecting Holy Ascension’s commitment to be at the heart of the community.

To encourage a wide readership the printed version is available without charge.

This has been made possible by lower production costs and donations. However, additional donations towards production costs are always welcome and these will help develop and improve the magazine.

You can read the latest edition by clicking on the link below.

If you would prefer a magazine delivered to your door each month please do let us know so we can add your name to the delivery list.

Contributions are always welcome, particularly from our younger readers, so please do get in touch. If there are any comments you wish to make (we hope to have a letters page) or news or articles you would like included, let us know.

If there are events within the community that you wish to publicise, please do send relevant details in for consideration. 

The deadline for contributions is the 16th of the preceeding month.

The editorial team can be contacted by email Heartbeat@holyascension.org.uk or by leaving a message at the Parish Office on 01244 383518.

You can read the recent editions by clicking on the images below.

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The Church’s logo was designed for the 160th anniversary of the Church in 2014. It illustrates the church’s commitment to be at the heart of the whole community of Upton by Chester. The name for the magazine, Heartbeat, reflects that commitment.

The first edition of Heartbeat  February 2015